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Definition of an IEP Empty Definition of an IEP

Post  Matthew on Sat Dec 22, 2007 12:11 pm

What is the IEP?

The Individualized Education Plan is used with deaf and hard-of-hearing children enrolled in an elementary school program (3 years old and up). A group made up of you (the parents) and several educational people should be involved in setting up your child's educational plan. Usually this includes a qualified teacher/therapist experienced in working with deaf and hard-of-hearing children, a psychologist, and school principal or administrator. The IEP must be worked out for each deaf or hard-of-hearing child and put in writing. It must include:

Information on how the child is doing educationally. Testing that won't penalize him must be made to determine this. The deaf or hard-of-hearing child's ability to understand and use words would have to be considered. If the child is from a non-English speaking home, the test and discussion may need to be on a bilingual basis. The parents have to be able to understand what is being said.
Long-range goals and short-term objectives.
Exactly what services are to be provided and how much time they require.
When the program will begin and how long the services will be necessary.
A statement as to how it will be determined whether your child is progressing according to plan. Are the educational goals being achieved? The parents and teachers must check this frequently.
A review of your child's IEP will be done on a regular basis. Parents must be notified in advance so they can participate in the review.

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